The Friends of Rowntree Park is a voluntary group which seeks to promote the well-being of the Park and its users.  We help maintain and improve the park and want people to love their experience in the park.

The park is owned by the council and we consult with them on developments and changes to the park, we represent the communities views. We also carry out some practical tasks, such as gardening and maintenance.  We also run a wide range of events and activities for the community. In June 2019 we became a charity and are looking forward to continuing to improve people’s experience of the park.

In recent years our role in the park has increased. Since 2017 there has been no council staff based at the Park. Therefore we actively seek volunteers to help with our work and raise money for park improvements.

You can read more about the Friends of Rowntree Park and what we do here.

We also are very active on social media. Our Facebook page is regularly updated so keep an eye on that!

Important information

The park is managed by the council. Any problems in the park must be reported to the council. During office hours, you can contact them on the main council number: 01904 551550. The out-of-hours contact number is 01904 625751. You can also report issues online here.

The cafe in Rowntree Park is also a library and is run by York Explore. Please contact them directly if you have any questions regarding their business.

The Tennis Courts are run by Rowntree Park Tennis Club. This is a private club and not connected with us so please address them directly if you have any questions.